Working Holiday Visa

All applications for working holiday schemes must be made using the online system, except for those who are already in New Zealand and are on a 12-month Canada or United Kingdom Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) work visa.

If you are on a Canada or United Kingdom WHS work visa and you wish to apply for the balance of the 23-month period allowed, you must apply manually.

General rules
You must only apply under the working holiday scheme that matches the passport you intend to use to travel to New Zealand (for example, if you hold a Taiwan passport, you must apply under the Taiwan Working Holiday Scheme). Applying under a working holiday scheme that does not match your passport will result in your application being declined and may be viewed as providing false and misleading information. This may have an adverse impact on any future visa applications you submit.

You should not practice lodging your application by applying under another scheme.

The use of automated tools (including the use of scripts, web-crawlers, robots or screen-scrapers) to access, attempt access, or in any way apply to the Working Holiday Online Services is unauthorised.

Health requirements
Refer to the working holiday scheme questions and answers section to check if you have to submit a General Medical Certificate (INZ 1007) PDFand/or Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF. After you apply you will receive an automated message telling you when your medicals must be received by Immigration New Zealand — within 15 or 20 consecutive days from the date the message is sent, depending on your scheme.

Partners and dependent children
If you have a partner and/or dependent children, they cannot be granted visas based on your WHS visa. They will need to apply in their own right by submitting a separate application.

For more information please contact us.