Student Visa

Normally, the Student Visa will be approved within 4 – 6 weeks after the complete application documents have been submitted.

Apply requirements

  1. Offer of place OR confirmation of enrolment OR evidence of scholarship
  2. Health certificate
  3. Medical and travel insurance
  4. Police certificate
  5. Evidence of funds
  6. Outward travel tickets (ticket or evidence of enough money held in NZ for purchase the ticket)
  7. Passport
  8. Legal guardian (enroll in years 1 to 8 of a school, or a student aged 13 or under)

New Zealand Student Visa application Process

1. Choose School and Major

2. Sign education service Contract with us, and pay the deposit.

3. Prepare application documents:

Our professional education consultant will provide a guide of the documental preparation to our customer, because different situations may face different requirements. Applicant need to fill the “Student Visa Application Form”, “Financial Undertaking for a Student form”; apply birth certificate, notarial certificate of family relations, qualification certificate, police certificate, funds certificate, and health certificate(include X-ray certificate). Then, the applicant could submit the complete documents to Immigration NZ with the school’s offer, application fee and mailing fee.

4. Apply School

Normally, undergraduate programme need 10-30 working days;

Institute of technology need 10 working days;

Language course need 10 working days;

Master programme need 1-2 months.

5. Apply Visa

General requirements for a student Visa: 1. Funds certificate 2. Health Certificate 3. Police certificate

6. Approve in Principle

The applicant will receive the approve in principle from Immigration New Zealand, if the application meet all requirements. Then, the applicant could start to pay the tuition fee and prepare the living cost.

Applicant could use approval letter to apply passport (if don’t have passport); then pay tuition fee, accommodation fee and purchase insurance.

7. Visa OK

The applicant could arrange to travel to New Zealand, when he/she got the Visa. Meanwhile, the applicant could apply the accommodation and airport pick up service.

The visa’s period will be consistent with the applicant’s studying period

8. Arrive School